Our story

Brad and Amber Ramp founded Ramp AG, INC.  Brad graduated from Illinois State University in 2005 with an Agronomy degree.  Amber graduated from Southern Illinois University in 2007 with a chemistry degree.  After marring in 2009 Brad and Amber started Ramp Ag, Inc. RAI is managed by Brad and Amber and is based in east central IL.  They have two children (Cameron, Caden) that are very involved in the day to day farm life. For the past few years they have began to expand their services to match their expertise.


RAI now focuses on crop production, and land management services. We also have an expanding transportation division that moves agricultural products across the midwest.


RAI started as a Ag retail business focusing on chemicals, fertilizer, seed, and seed treatment.  In 2015 RAI partnered with BCS, LLC and the retail business is now operated under BCS, LLC.





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Your farmland is more than just a business – we know that your land is a family asset and ought to be cared for with the best attention. We keep you at the head of the farm so that your word comes first. Think of us as a group of advisors that want to see your investment in the land grow.  







 Not only do we utilize quality machinery and the most advanced technology, but our organization is built to be efficient in order to respond to your specific needs. Nutrient management is the best way for your farm to become a sustainable investment for years to come. We strive to use the most advanced agronomic and environmental practices in order to secure that your farmland is reaching its potential. 






We want to keep you in the know about how we grow – therefore our customized Landlord Login allows you to check up on our progress and view data from each harvest season. Some of our greatest assets are the conversations we are able to have with knowledgeable farmers that can educate us about the potential of their land.